project Billy (2011-13)

format Animation. 6 x 30 seconds, 1 x 2 minutes

client Royal Shakespeare Company

platform Internet / Public Digiscreens

In 2011, as part of the theatre’s reopening celebrations after a major renovation, the RSC asked us to make 'Billy' featuring William Shakespeare and his pet pig Francis. In each animation Billy searches for a crucial idea for one of his plays. Music by noted composer Gary Yershon. Followed by the Relic Wall projection project.

In 2012, Billy and Francis returned in a verse blog with illustrations for the World Shakespeare Festival as part of the myShakespeare project.

In 2013 Billy and Francis promote the RSC/Google Lab Midsummer Night's Dreaming project and joined an animated David Tennant in Young Shakespeare Nation.

• Videos available at the RSC website
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